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Solar Power Battery Camera

      Solar Power Camera with Lithium Battery Camera released and in hot sell now.   Great and Ideal for rural, home, farm, and any wild areas, It can last for 2-3  months with its battery built-in, any one sunny day could charge up again for next 2-3 months, and continue for  years)

Brief features as below:

Solar Power Battery Camera   

Model: TT-SP13M      

Product Name: Solar Power Battery Camera  

Resolution: 1280*960

IR LEDs: 6pcs 850nm  LEDs

Battery: 6400mA lithium  Battery

Storage: with TF card slot (support  8G/16G/32G)

Audio: built-in Mic for two-way audio  function

Connection: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n  2.4GHz)

Record: Mobile App local record and  Device record on TF cards

Camera Wake up: wake up by Mobile, by  PIR, device wake up button

Push up time: normally push to mobile  within 2 – 8 seconds

Motion Detection: PIR Motion Detection,  Sensibility adjustable (high, middle, low)


Prices avaliable upon  request!


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