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—————— IPC Demo ——————

IP Camera and NVR Performance online Demo: 

iPhone: Download Mobile App. "umeyepro" on App Store.

Android: Download Mobile App. "umeyepro" on Google Play App Store.

After installation umeyepro APP on your mobile, you will see the following GUI interface on your mobile. Now leave user name and password as blank, then just click "LOCAL" to log in. 

After log in, now you will see the following GUI, then click "+" on your mobile to add online demo camera or NVR to your mobile app. 

Now, input any letters or figures as your Alias, then click the QR code: 

Please scan the following QR Codes:


Now please enter User Name: admin  and Password: 654321, then choose 32, then click save:

Now you should see our live demo video! 


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