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No power no network environment, video surveillance solution

No power no network environment, video surveillance solution


Video surveillance applications, more and more widely, for some occasions, such as coastal defense, large farms, forest fire, remote areas, border management and other occasions, is also a large-scale application of high-definition monitoring system. This type of monitoring system, with several features:

1.       The power grid can not be reached

2.       Wired cable can not be connected

3.       Too few staff

4.       Underdeveloped transportation

5.       Malignant crime-prone (such as smuggling, smuggling, drug trafficking, drug cultivation)

     In this case, each country has a need for effective management of these places in order to make the country more secure, more stable society. As a security products business, HTW TECH LIMITED has been for the safety and prosperity of society and make due contributions to reflect the social value of our business. Therefore, we designed a complete set of solutions to the above situation of video surveillance.

Solution as below

No power no network environment, video surveillance solution

1.       We need to solve the problem of power supply, the solution, we use wind power and solar panels in two ways, in the daytime, better lighting, Charging; in the night, the solar panel can not generate electricity, the battery will supply power to the camera, so that the camera can work properly.

2.       The camera, the power consumption during the day time is very small, if the sunshine under normal circumstances, give the battery is full of electricity, battery power, the camera may meet the normal work 3 days, so good in the sunshine, We are considering the installation of wind power components.

3.       Wind power components, is in some sunshine is very poor, more rainy day in the case of use, such as coastal areas, wind and humidity are relatively large, is not conducive to the production of solar panels, the use of wind power components to the battery Charging, wind better place, the battery life will generally be relatively longer, and we all know that the battery life and the number of fully charged is proportional. In the wind power to the pieces, regardless of day or night, can give the camera power supply, the battery charge and discharge times are relatively small.

4.       The camera uses our TT-X3MPDWP, a new generation of new ultra-low-light network camera, which has High-Dynamic Range function (HDR), and has a very good low-light capability, as long as the night Of the sky there are stars, the camera will be able to see the scope of the monitoring of any target and color. This can reduce the power consumption of the camera, but also improve the performance of the camera.

5.       3G / 4G transmission, our solution, use of discrete 3G / 4G transmission solution, use industrial-grade 4G networking routers to network, many people ask, why use a discrete program, camera integrated 4G card not OK? According to our more than 10 years of making camera experience, a variety of projects we have met too many, before, also used 4G network card integrated camera function, and later, we found some problems, mainly, camera integration is too high, image processing and 3 / 4G Transmission processing are to make the camera's CPU to do so, it seems like some cost savings, but this approach, the application will appear in the video frame rate loss of more problems, while too concentrated, the camera's heat is too Focus on the life of the camera negative, there will be difficult to adjust the situation. Only some of the cost advantages, in solving this series of problems, but is to pay a lot of cost. Life not in a good guarantee. 3G / 4G transmission, there is a absolute advantage, in future upgrades, the relatively cost savings, the current 3G or 4G technology, transmission costs are relatively high, if after the application of 5G technology, transmission costs down , Just spend a little money, it will upgrade the whole system into more advanced applications.


The following figure is our finished product design, if you have this need, you can contact us on this website, thank you for reading.

No power no network environment, video surveillance solution




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